Q:  How much does it cost to produce a product from start to finish?
A:  It is relatively inexpensive.  It has been done with just a few hundred dollars and up to
    a few thousand dollars, depending upon your marketing plans and how much work you want
    to do.  With such little capital outlay, you can have your very own unique product..."for pleasure,
    profit, and posterity".
Q:  Will my recipe be safe and not disclosed to others?
A:  Yes.  We sign a non-disclosure contract with you.  More importantly, our reputation depends on it.
    You are free to call any of our clients as references.
Q:  How much do you charge to package my product?
A:  Our charges have never been a significant factor in determing the success or failure of a
    product.  There are many factors that determine cost, too many to discuss here.  If your cost is
    too high, you may consider producing more units since increasing the number of units produced
    lowers your cost, or modifying your packaging to make your product easier to produce.  We can help
    you and offer suggestions.  The single most significant factor affecting price is number of units
Q:  Why can't I make my own product in my own commercial kitchen?
A:  You can.  However, it has been proven that using a contract packer is more economically
    feasible and less risky than setting up your own factory.  Even the largest companies in the 
    food industry use contract packers.  Even supermarkets use contract packers.  You can always
    build your own kitchen when your product becomes successful.
Q:  Can I make my products at home?
A:  No. You would be in violation of several City, State, and Federal ordinances and regulations.
    You cannot operate a business in a residential area.  You also need a food establishment
    permit from the State department of health.  Product liability is also a concern, and most retailers won't
    buy your products without product liability insurance, which you cannot get if you are doing
    business illegally.

Q:  Why can't I rent someone elses certified kitchen and produce my own product?
A:  You can, and this is another option to get started.  You will still have to comply with all legal  
    requirements which are increasingly more complicated every year, and do all the work yourself, such
    as sourcing, purchasing, transportation, production, marketing, etc.

Q:  How do I know that my product will not spoil or cause food poisoning?
A:  We do all tests necessary to insure the safety of your product.  Safety is our number one concern.  Our
    number two concern is adequate shelf life.  As part of our service, we provide you with all the options to
    make your product safe and with adequate shelf life, with and without preservatives.
Q:  How do I get started with First Commercial Kitchen?
A:  It's very simple.  Call us for free consultation.  We start by looking at your recipe and a small sample of
    your product.  We can help you with everything else.  We can even modify the appearance and texture of your
    product without altering the taste, and help you source all ingredients and supplies.
Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  First Commercial Kitchen, formerly Rib Roaring Recipes, was started as a food manufacturer in
    1981.   Back then, we were a one-man operation.  We are now Hawaii's first food processing
    incubator, with most of our time spent producing other peoples products.
Q:  How many products have you produced?
A:  Since about 7 years ago we have helped develope and produce over 300 products for about
    175 local, mainland, and international companies.  So far we have had a 100% success rate.
Q:  What are your qualifications?
A:  Peter Kam is a Food Technologist with over 35 years of experience in all phases of the food industry,
    except restaurant operation.  He has operated businesses successfully for over 30 years.  Academic
    qualifications include a B.S. Biology and M.S. Food Science (1975)  from the University of Hawaii, and ]
    numerous certificates of achievement encompassing food laws to plant set up.  Food processing is his
    hobby.  Mr. Kam has worked as a food inspector for the State Department of Health, Sanitation Branch
    and Food and Drug Branch for 9 years, and had maintained a Registered Sanitarians License #221.
    Experience in the private sector include operating the quality control laboratory at Foremost Dairies, and
    food research and development at the University of Hawaii. 
Q:  Do you provide marketing and distribution services?
A:  Yes, we do this through our import/distribution sister company, Hawaii Business Group Incorporated. 
    We are the only local distributor who services every supermarket, including Foodland, Safeway, Times, Don
    Quijote, and Star Markets, as well as the 5 military commissaries, CVS/Longs, Walmart, Tamura's, outer
    islands, etc..  We export a limited number of products to the West Coast and Japan.  We have helped our
    clients get into large chain retailers on the mainland.
Q:  What's unique about First Commercial Kitchen LLC?  And how is it different from all other certified
    kitchens or other incubator kitchens?
A:  The unique success factor of First Commercial Kitchen LLC is the combination of successful business
    experience with technical expertise.  We have both the practical experience to make profit, combined
    with the knowledge to produce your product safely and efficiently.  We have over 30 years experience in
    the grocery and food processing industries.  We are your complete one-stop-shop that can help you
    develop and package your product…."for pleasure, profit, and posterity".

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